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let's do it all over the world

I am Heaven-sent
Don't you dare forget.

I am all you've ever wanted,
What all the other girls all promised.

cuttieCollapse )

oh yeah

ran into suzanne diaz outside my dorm today !Collapse )


agnes b at christopher kane ss07

of all things skinny

thighs are the best

kinga rajzak(probably the best name ever) proenza schouler ss08]

i'm the best fashion editor.

i write an entry about the beautiful, punk, london social scene, royalty-attached alice dellal and then what!!!! september PARIS VOGUE features a six page spread on her!!!!!!!!!!!! OH BOY!!!! i want to buy the mag now but i'm not sure. i'm broke and $16 just for alice when the rest of the issue isn't great.

see the story in my fashion journal, ribsonplatforms.

lara stone may be overused but


when they say perfect body

this is other worldlyCollapse )


i'm not a sex addict either

i'm just the most open person you'll EVER meet

ell geigh


5 entries i've posted recently
have been really juicy

that's bc i feel like only i'm reading..[and it's my journal woah??]
if you like juice


if not
oops sorry

but back to lj cause it's fuckin awesome